Nova Spa, a brand that meets all essential elements of a world-class pedicure spa.

A beautiful collection of harmonious tow-tone colors in addition to an gorgeous designs that emphasizes the elegance will certianly please the most difficult clients and blend nicely to any interior design theme.

The pipiless technology, a fully automatic massage system, and an UL certified product could be a luxury option elsewhere, but with Nova Spa, it's built in standard; Nova Spa also gives easy access for the clients, operational convenience for the technicians and peace of mind for the owners. 

Nova Spa delivers the nice, clean, technology advance system and a truly relaxing atmosphere for everyone.

Morever, Nova Spa is manufactured by one of the largest pedicure spa manufacturers in the US; known for its quality product, exceptional service and innovative desgins, Nova Spa, a complete luxurious and dependedble system.